Want to Sell More?

5 Tips for Selling Tickets over Mobile

1. You don’t have to Mirror your Ticketing Website
Creating a unique mobile user experience for your fans begins by designing a mobile ticket sales channel that reflects your event but doesn't necessarily look like an exact replica of your website.  Trim your mobile channel to include only the most important functions that are critical for the user retention and for the transaction.

2. Indicate the Purchase Flow's Steps
Rather than leading users blindly into an unknown journey in your mobile channel, make it feel manageable by indicating progress within each step. Try showing users the number of screens or steps remaining, and how far they have advanced thus far. Provide users a “light at the end of the tunnel” that will encourage them to continue and complete the checkout process.

3. Make Sure Checkout is as Easy as Possible
The short attention span of users in the mobile channel means that a seamless shopping cart experience is critical. Make the checkout button large and available and populate the customer’s profile data (credit card, address, etc.) from your database so that closing a sale is as short as possible.

4. Motivate Users to Come Back
Encourage users to come back to your mobile channel with loyalty programs or exclusive offers. Users can get targeted with mobile coupons and perks pushed to their mobile devices, based on their location, purchase history and loyalty program status.

5. Help Users Be Social
Mobile users usually contribute twice as much social content as desktop users. Enable them to promote products by integrating social capabilities in your mobile channels. Make it easy for users to become ambassadors of your brand and products, to write reviews and to share from within your app or mobile site with one-touch posting features to Facebook and Twitter.