Case Study:
Maccabi Haifa F.C.

Maccabi Haifa Football Club is one of Israel's biggest sports teams. After playing for 60 years in a small 15,000 seat stadium, in September 2014 Maccabi Haifa moved to a new 32,000 seat stadium and faced a challenge of an amount of tickets the club was not accustomed to.

EVENTO stepped in to help the club in two aspects – social engagement to promote season ticket sales and creating a friendly mobile purchase interface for regular match tickets.

Over 3,500 fans signed up for SitNearMe, EVENTO's social engagement app, which encourages users to mark their seat in the stadium, invite their friends to join them and in the process also posts on their behalf to the facebook wall. This primary core of users helped create a buzz through social media which resulted in 17,000 season tickets sold before the first match, a huge increase from the 6,500 season ticket holders from the previous season.

The second phase of the Maccabi Haifa project was to help sell the approximate 10,000 regular tickets per match. This was done through 2 channels: SitNearMe™ and the Mobile sales front end. The initial fan base of 3,500 season ticket holders who marked their seat location in the app helped to monetize on sales of regular match tickets throughout the season.

Fans that were looking to buy tickets normally via the club's mobile website were redirected to EVENTO's mobile ticket front end which has an API integration to the Maccabi Haifa's ticketing system. The user friendly mobile interface and experience achieved fantastic results – an average of 400 tickets sold per match via mobile devices. This figure represents a grow of over 5 times from the previous season and the figures keep growing every match.

Maccabi Haifa CEO Itamar Chizik summed it up: "EVENTO's platforms allow us to approach new audiences and sell more tickets over the mobile and social networks". 


The following infographic shows the results of the oppening campaign for season ticket holders: